April 28, 2012

5 cool DIYs to try.....#5

Well, it has been a reallyyyy long time since I did a post of thing I wanna try huh? Blame Pinterest. I just pin everything to keep it in mind. But then, there are just some that are on your most wanted list right? Haha. These are on mine!

I really really really LOVE this! Looks so good and easy. But....my dad does not wear striped polo tee, and neither do I. Looks like I will have to try this with a plain tee! I need to raid my father's wardrobe. Haha.

This is so awesome and cute, I am so totally making this! I need the correct coloured yarn and thread though. Sigh. I have too many novelty/funky yarns at home.

Definitely making this. But I need to get my cotton yarn from Guangzhou first. Imagine wearing this in Singapore if it was made from wool.

Wrapping a present and need something to jazz it up? This is the best idea ever because you can just use the  wrapping paper left from wrapping the present! Cool right!

Nice right! I just need the inner string to make one of these. God know I have too many skeins of embroidery thread at home ;D

Okay, that's all for today. You know, almost all these are from my Pinterest account because I already saved everything there! Ciao!

Rebecca :D (eating korean ramen at 10.30 pm is not good for my belly, but I am doing it anyways. NO WONDER I am getting rounder. What happened to self-control?)

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