April 24, 2012

Cycling 40km is no joke. -___-||||

Well, my father had this crazy idea to cycle from East Coast Park(ECP) to Changi Village to eat dinner and then back again to return the bicycles within 3 hours. Crazy much? I had to cycle a single bike and I was behind my dad/mom(they were on a double bike) and my brother half the time! You cannot blame me okay! I have not exercised for a grand total of 4 months. When we reached Changi Village, I was hoping for a plate of Nasi Lemak to compensate the pain my arse was feeling but no. IT WAS UNDER RENOVATION!!!! I was like, daddy, you never do your research before coming here???? Grrrr. We cycled under the rain for nothing???? Okay, not for nothing. The view was very very beautiful on the way there. From the eroding beach of ECP to the Changi Airport take-off runway to the also eroding beach of Changi Beach, the sights were beautiful if you look beyond the eroding beaches. Oh. So were the sounds. You know the sound effect, the brass and everything in the movie theatre? You get the same thing for free near the runway. Haha. But cycling along that road was really demotivating! It is one really straight road. No beginning and no end. So horrid. I was cycling and cycling and cycling and wondering what my cycling will finally bring me to the other end. I got ambushed two FIRE ANTS at Changi. Boo the ants. I ate Maggi Goreng and Bryani in the end. I love Bryani because of the yoghurt.

You know, when I FINALLY finished the arse unfriendly ride, my legs did not function properly. They were like ~wobble~wobble~ Did not feel like my own legs. My arse did not thank me either. It was saying,''Are you crazy!!! Don't you know I am flat enough? You just had to go cycle me flatter!?'' Haha. This happened in my head of course.

I got a call today. For a job as a promoter for a roadshow. It was for 4 days so I was like, okay. But it is so boring! working in a roadshow in the CBD only means you are only catering to the working crowd who only come out from their crampy offices during lunch time and they totally ignore you during the evening when they are busy rushing home for their dinner. I had to stand there, bored and bored looking at people walk round and round and ignore me. Maybe I fail. I only managed to sell 2 boxes today. 2!!! The other girl sold like ten! Oh well...I came later....I am younger....I am inexperienced..... EXCUSES. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe being a promoter is not my cup of tea. D:

Gonna sleep now, ciao!


P.S. I think I will eat Komala's for lunch tomorrow. I FINALLY conquered my fear of eating alone. During non-peak/non-lunch hours anyway. Because I saw people eating alone too. #FAIL.

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