April 07, 2012

I give my first love to you review

Well, I always wanted to do a short recap for a drama. But knowing me, I will probably give up after episode one. But I really want to share this movie with you! It was really really good. Ahhhh. Best Japanese movie so far! Okay. Actually I have only watched 2 in my life. Paradise Kiss and this. But I think I am hooked. This was such a good and sad movie. Can compete with Grave of the fireflies in terms of sadness level.

Okay, so here are some of my favourite parts of the movie:

Mayu trying to get Takuma out of his pants. WHYYY? Haha. This scene was so cute. It got me hooked. 

Mayu was so devastated to hear that Takuma cannot live till 20 years of age that she went to find a four leaf clover to make a wish to the god of four leaf clover to allow them to be together and cure his disease. Awww. I melted. They made a promise to get married when they are 20.

Scene in the nurse office after Takuma got into a fight with the other students for pouring water on Mayu's shirt to see her bra. He was furious because they saw her bra before him and he was her boyfriend. Haha. When she was going to show him her bra, he got too nervous/excited that his chest hurts and Mayu said she is never going to show him anything. It is for his own good I guess. Later he get heart attack from excitement then how? Haha.

Takuma realises that his condition makes Mayu cry a lot so he thought that leaving her will make it easier for her when he dies so she will not be sad. He works very hard to get into a good school, Shido high school, a boarding school to get away from her. Mayu is supposedly not very smart. But on the first day of school at Shido, Mayu appears! Apparently, she studied even harder to get into the same school. Girl Power! She was even the top of the cohort! She uses her chance to speak on stage to lecture Takuma. Haha.

Takuma asks his doctor a.k.a Mayu's father how much exercise is he allowed in his condition. Sex? Haha. The doctor breaks the pen he was holding. Sex with who? His daughter? Wrong move Takuma. Now daddy knows what you are up to!

The scene where Takuma found out that Teru, a girl with the same illness as him was dead. Teru asked for a kiss from him the day before and he could not reject her because she was so sad, causing him get into a quarrel with Mayu. On the contrary, I am thankful he let Teru kiss him. She is such a poor thing D:

When I was watching this, I was like, such a jerk! He says he likes Mayu then after Takuma makes him give her up, he turns around and get another girlfriend! But then, just when I was thinking that, Kou got knocked down by the incoming train that he was unable to avoid. OMG. What a quick change in direction in storyline. I was shocked. I was like OH NO!!! I know what is going to happen! Takuma will get Kou's heart because he died! But YAY! There is a happy ending!

WRONG! He did not die! He was brain dead! And he had a organ donor card! Takuma was going to live! No! He had to tear, which caused his relatives to withdraw their donation of his heart because it looks like he was conscious in his unconsciousness! Oh no! Takuma also refuses to go with the operation because he found out that it was Kou's heart. Awww. I was crying at this point of time. My nose was blocked! Wahhh.
Why the movie have to be so sad!

Takuma nearly died. But in his dead but not dead status, he prays for a little for time to give Mayu happiness. They go for their ''honeymoon'' at the amusement park. At the end of the day, Mayu was happy and asked to do that again next time. That was when he dropped the bomb. THERE IS NO NEXT TIME! Ahhhh! He is dying. I was wondering....how about his parents? But, once they got back to the hospital and Takuma's mom slapped her for being so unthoughtful, I was like, but that was what he wanted! Why you slap Mayu! Boo mom!

Takuma DIED. Before his death, he passed Mayu his good luck charm a.k.a the will he wrote when he was eight. Mayu opens up the will. AWWWW. He wrote for everyone to be happy even after he was gone. My heart broke! Such a thoughtful guy! Got four leaf clover some more! He was really sincere! Ahhhh.

This is the weird part. Mayu holds Takuma's ashes, getting married?/faking marriage? Ahhh. But it was so sweet of her.

I really like this movie. AHHH. Nice. very nice. The plot was such that it gave me false hopes before making me cry like a crybaby. It has enough humour and happiness in it to prevent a tragic story. The love story of a pair of lovers not meant to be. Ahhh.

Made me so sad. Do catch the movie or the DVD! Trust me, it is worth it.


Rebecca :'(

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