April 27, 2012

Promoter? #FAIL

Well, so the title so obviously states, I FAIL AS A PROMOTER D': On the 2nd day of work, I received a call by the person who called me. He asked if I liked the job.

I was like, ''Hmmm. It is okay." Haha, actually I meant something like, What? The job is so horrible! I wanna die already! So stressful, and my legs hurt! Turned out that at the rate I am promoting the stuff, he will not hit the sales target yada yada. I totally understand.

Then he said he will compensate me, I don't need to come tomorrow. In my heart, I was, ''YESSSS!!!!'' 4 hours for free! And I don't need to stand for four hours.

I got another job anyway. For the rest of my pre-university period. I am officially bonded to another company to do temp admin work. I have no idea what is the job scope, but I prefer to sit down. Haha. Yes, my arse is made out of gold. Anyway, I think I will be quite happy with my new job because it is 7 stops away from home. And the bus home will stop right outside home. Yay!

Here are some of the pictures on what has been going on in my life.

WARNING: My life is not the ''very happening'' kind(unfortunately).

Made a scarf (again)! It is different this time because it was knitted okay! I think I will give it to my cousin because it is a little short. It should be just nice for her because she is 8 :) She is my favourite cousin because we are both monkeys! She sort of reminds me of me. Sigh. Spy little mermaid at the back? Yes, I watch Little Mermaid. IT IS MY FAVOURITE! Tangled too. Sigh. I think I pretty much like shows that turn my inside into mush(the good way).

Rare ricey lunch at home. I eat very well right? Got all the required nutrients(sort of) :D

YUMMY cookies from Denmark from my mom's boss. She gave us chewing and bubble gums too but I gave most of it away because I cannot risk getting my jaw muscles too big. Gosh, I miss Denmark so much!!!

In my mum's office, helping my father mount the samples! Free labour right? -____-||| But, I found a sliver lining in the dark clouds! MY MUM'S OFFICE HAVE AN ENGRAVING THINGAMAGIC!!! Look look! I have a hidden talent! Engraving! Nice right? 10% Rolled annealed. No idea what it means. Haha.

Random doodle. But I really liked it! Cannot believe it was drawn by me. *pats back*

Made this for Lynette! What do you think it is?

Found a pretty hard PINK case for my phone. Gonna bling it! Watch me :p

Success! Managed to made yummy scrambled eggs. Yum yum. 

Tada! An elephant! Cute or not? Got lashes some more. Wonder why it is half blue and half cream? I ran out of blue yarn #fail. Added a bush of hair. The pattern was from here

Hi! Ain't I a cutie? <(o' 0 'o)>

 Went to the Volkswagen new showroom opening! It was mighty fun, with free food, free ice-cream and my first ever caricature!

Favourite snack! Candy floss! Melted really fast though.

My caricature, drawn free but I queued fro 1.5 hours. My brother says it looks like there is a tempura on my head. Unfortunately, I cannot disagree with him. -____- Does it look like me? :D I wanna buy copic markers now! 

 View from the job agency from the 37th storey. So beautiful right? Love Singapore berry berry much.

This LOOKS yummy, but it is not. Bought from cold storage, it was hard and I don't like it. Boo. 

Made shepherd's pie (pork version) from scratch all by myself. Yum yum. I made this without a recipe. I added a secret ingredient------martell. Haha. I have a tendency to add liquor in my food because I love the way it smells.

Mozzarella cheese on top? YES PLEASE!

Zoom in on the goodness.

Shepherd pie before cheesifying and baking.

Blurred picture of my hair after a trim. HOW IS THAT A TRIM? :'( miss my hair. Now it is back to how it looks like in June 2011. Well, the back is longer but the front.....sniff. I cannot see my back anyway! *regret*

Look who came for a visit? Little birdie! I reckoned he just came out from mama's nest because he/she was not afraid of me. 

Baked my pie with foil to prevent it from spattering the oven.

Results? Less brown parts. Boo. But it beats having to clean the oven. #lazybum

Bought a new hook with the gift card Apphia and Lynette gave me for my birthday. Very clever gift. Something I will definitely use:) Thanks again! <3

Growing collection of hooks <3 

Picture with my brother. I look so fair! (with filter)

Nice picture of Bishan park. It is a swing by the way. 

Another picture which I used to entice the rest of the Jew club to go for a picnic in Bishan Park. #FAIL. It rained and we went to Marina square instead. 

I look very Chinese here. A plump Chinese. Life sucks. I need to go exercise more. 

Tunisian breakfast at Wild Honey. They serve all day breakfast. Yum! Better than hatched! But Tunisian was not the best I have eaten!

Lunch with Shabira before nursing interview! Soup spoon! Yummy! 

Hmmm. that's all for today! It is quite fun having a lot of pictures in a blog post. Maybe I should do more of this and less talking. Haha. 


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