December 16, 2011

Craft update!

Well, I can finally update on what I did because I finally finished it! I finished my veryveryvery first lace crochet project. It took a while and me undoing my mistakes because I did not completely understand the instructions. It was tedious beyond tedious. I did the lace based on this tutorial. Maybe it was because it was my first time so I was not used to the hook, but it kept poking into my thumb in the area where the nail meets the flesh. Haha. I put tape over it to protect my thumb. This was the results! Nice or not? Heh heh! I am sososo proud of it!

Edited with Mei tu xiu xiu
Did I mention that I love my phone? It allows me to edit the photos with nice applications like Mei Tu Xiu Xiu which is in Chinese. It is amazing. It saves me the hassle of photoshopping the picture and it has special effects too! Noticed the blurrr? Haha. It is a stroke of genius I tell you. Of course, this only applies if the person editing the picture is awesome! Lovelovelove my lace. Time to buy fabric stiffener to make it into the lace bowl it is supposed to be! 

I also went to Plaza Singapura to repair my mom's phone. At the same time, we went to Spotlight and Daiso. I agreed to make a scarf for my auntie and I needed more yarn for my ongoing project(which is taking FOREVER) Haha. So I got this!

I did not get the sole sap sheet! My brother did.
Haha. I got three balls of brown yarn at $4.50 each, the chiffon yarn and the buttons at Daiso for $2. I could not resist the buttons. They were sososo cute! My brother got the sole sap sheet for himself and I. Haha. It was supposed to make you feel more refreshed, but I felt no difference. I wonder how it works. Was it a scam? :/

 Oh well. I will update more soon! That's all for today!


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