December 04, 2011

Craft shopping!

Well, before my last paper, I got onto Sophie and Toffee's website to shop as I wanted to make use of their 25% off all purchases and I splurged. I had a budget of $50 and I managed to compress it to $46+ Thank god. I feel sorry for my bank. This is the first time I spent so much online. Of course it is not considered a lot but I am a poor unemployed (not a student anymore) okay! EVERY cent counts:) Pictures below!

I was so excited when I saw this in the mail. I was hopping like a bunny.

I am really happy with the triangular tray. No more spilling of rhinestones when I pour it back into the container:)
I bought most of these cabochons with the intention of making them into earrings for my friends but the peach coloured ones are obviously too big, so I have to think of something else for it.

Earrings to be:)
 I went to Spotlight too but did not get anything this time round. Too poor and I still have not finished using the yarn I bought the other time.

lace crochet!
I went to Chinatown and got this after spending about two hours.I wanted to try out lace crochet for a while now, so I got a hook and lace thread from Golden Dragon store to try out. I hope it will turn out okay. I will post my first try once I attempt it.

I am currently busy watching a Chinese Drama called Nu ren tian xia. It is a story about Wu Ze Tian, the only female emperor in Chinese history and how the females in the story sort of manipulate the people around them to achieve their goals. It appeals to my feminist side so much. I am enjoying this show while crocheting my scarf for my Shanghai trip. Heh heh. Funfunfun.

That's all for today! Ciao!


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