December 16, 2011

Employed as a houselady aka still unemployed.

Well...I am still unemployed. People do not wanna employ me because I will be going to Shanghai next week. So I have decided to just stop looking for any jobs till the 3rd of Janurary, when all the office reopen from the new year. I just realised I am officially into the 2nd week of my FREEDOM! Haha. Oh well. I have been BUSY!

I went out with my ex-classmates the day before my birthday and they gave me a surprise. :D We were at Soup Spoon when Michelle whipped out a box of macaroons. I was like WOW. Totally blown off my feet. I was so surprised because I did not expect anything. No one celebrates my birthday in school you know? Haha. The thing about being born in December. They knew that I do not eat cake so they got macaroons instead. Sweet surprise. We walked along Orchard road and I also got freebies!!! Haha. You can see the cheapo in me shining though me! I got Ricola candies, The Body Shop sample and a CANDY CANE! Highlight to see the whole word! It made me a real happy girl. Shabira went on a nail polish spree! She bought 6 bottles of China Glaze nail polish for $40 at a spree. All glittery and stuff. Not really my thing though. I do not mind shimmery, but glittery is a little overwhelming. Anyway, we went to McDonald's for a seat and Jing Li and Michelle tried on the colours. Haha. This is Jing Li's hand!

I like the gold, pink, purple and green!

That was the end of the day before my 19th brithday. On the day on my 19th birthday......I did spring cleaning of the storeroom. Haha. What a bummer. We ate.....noodles and egg. Haha. Another bummer! The main highlight of my day was that Freya and Rachel called my on my mobile and sang 'Happy Birthday'. It had been sososo long since I heard their voices. If I am not wrong, We last met during December last year. So it was a shock. I was overwhelmed. If I had to describe the feeling I felt, it was gooey and so sweet it feels like it is gonna give you diabetes. Haha. I was so shocked, I was in a daze for the rest of the conservation(which also meant I did not really hear what they were saying...the fact that their voices were a tad muffled due to the speaker did not help.) I hope they never read this. I am really grateful to have such wonderful friends.

The day after my birthday, I met up with Rachel. We went to the udon place for lunch(I shortlisted the udon and western place for her to choose, but I was secretly hoping that she would choose udon. She did. Yay for happy tummy!) The udon was good, I love udon. I liked the soup, but it was a little too savoury so I did not slurp it all up. Usually I would. Haha. I have been eating udon for lunch once every two days and I am not sick of it yet. This shows you how deep my love for udon is. After lunch, we sort of just wandered around. We got ice-cream at marble-slab so we can seat down and talk. Frankly...I do not like their ice-cream. It was a waste of my $4.50 if you ask me. I ordered blackberry because it seemed like it was the most popular...the tub was almost empty. But the ice-cream hardly had any berry taste, was too milky and too sweet. You shall not cheat my money again! We had a longgg talk. It has been a whileee. Rachel tells me to join USP. But I am hesitant because I know I am not as smart as her academically and I know I will feel horribly inferior to people in the USP. They are all the cream of the creams. Furthermore, I do not even know my results yet. My heart skips a beat at the thought of my results anyway. I will be happy if I can just get into FASS Political Science and take an extra module for French or something. Haha. I totally forgot the time while we were talking. I had to leave after a long talk for dinner.

My family had dinner at Feast@East at the hotel next to Paramount Hotel opposite Parkway Parade. It was good I guess. It was too tedious to keep ordering salmon sashimi to eat so I stopped after 4?5?6? servings. Greedy much? I know. I had 7 oysters. I did not eat as much because it was not veryvery nice. But, I loved their laska. Haha. The noodles were super QQ! Loved it. That was all I remembered from the buffet. Oh. And my cousins kept grabbing rabbit sweets from the jar. Haha. You can buy the candies in the supermarket for $2+ per packet but they took it from a buffet that served other goodies. Haha.

Well. It has been a longgg post, recounting on what I have been doing. I will be exploring Chinatown tomorrow. I am pretty excited to go exploring with Freya and Rachel. I hope that we will not get lost even with my amazing sense of direction. HAHA. Exciteddd. That's all folks.


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