December 11, 2011

Pinterest and other stuffs.

Well, woohoo! I have finally gotten an invite into Pinterest! Haha! I have an account in Pinterest finally! I had been quite interested in it because it is sort of like tumblr, but it is much easier to use:) This is my account! You can take a look at it if you wanna. It is sorta cool to be in Pinterest, because you need an invite to get in. I asked for an invite, and I think I waited for quite a while before they sent me an invite! :D I will pin stuff that I see and like:)

I have been doing lotsa stuff! Ever since my exams, I have been crafting and crafting and watching a hell lot of dramas! Hehe! Super shiok! I will definitely  post up all the projects that I do here! This is just a short update. I am not gone, just crafting!

I finished a scarf in two days, I am uber proud of myself! This goes!

Yupyup, this is my favourite bedsheet of Ariel! Okay! Look at the scarf! Fluffy and cheap because I bought the yarn from Daiso! However, maybe because it is cheap, the small maomao will come off when you pull it.

Yupyup. That's all for today! I cannot wait to show you what I have been doing!


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