November 30, 2011

The moment I am free....

Oh my. I cannot express how excited I am for my exams to be finally over. There is one more paper to go before everything ends. I have already decided that since I am gonna get a sewing machine anyway, I shall start shopping for what I plan to do with the sewing machine.

First, I have to get my dad to drive me to the sewing machine company that takes in 2nd hand sewing machines and sell new ones. The one at home is spoiled anyway:'( I plan to get either Singer or Janome, but I am not too sure yet!

I am sooo gonna go on a shopping spree on Thursday to Spotlight. The only thing is,  I think I will go alone instead of asking someone because I am very indecisive and the poor person accompanying me will be so annoyed. Haha. I say this from experience. My friend got a little annoyed while waiting for me to decide on which colour to choose(I bought yarn.)

Spotlight is having a Bargain Sale till 4th December so I have to hurry! This is because the sewing patterns for Mccall's will be sold at half price! I have already shortlisted the ones I gonna get. Hehe.

First up,
Mccall M6349. Ya, I even wrote it down so I would not forget. I love the dress pattern on the right. It just looks so classic and I love the fabric used in the picture. Lovelovelove. Furthermore, the website says it is easy to  make. I do not think I will take this as my first project though. Too risky, if I go wrong, I will waste good fabric and money.

Then we have,
Mccall's M5094. To be frank I do not like this as much as the previous one but depending on the price, I think I might just get it anyway because I think the pink one is kinda cute. I will definitely not make this my first project.

These are the two Mccall patterns that I gonna get. Then what will be my first project? 


Kwik 3552. Okay, go ahead. Laugh. You know you want to. After showing you pictures of pretty dresses, I have decided to make my first project a pajamas. Haha. What a joke. Nope. It is not a joke. This looks fool proof right? So it makes sense to get this:) I can make this for everyone! Haha. I love wearing pajamas that are in the form of dresses to sleep. It is more comfy and I feel so restricted wearing pants to sleep anyway. So I have decided to buy a pretty comfy fabric and make myself pajamas! Cool? I know. 

Another pattern:
Kwik-sew 3667. I like the one on the right. It look so comfy and easy to make. I am gonna make this for my mom. I hope she will like it! Haha.

Maybe I am being to ambitious for someone who does not even own a working sewing machine yet, but I am really excited. I am deciding on a budget now. I need to get the patterns, tools, fabric. Should I go to Chinatown to scout around for better fabrics offers first? But I end school at 430 thereabouts. Hmmm. Maybe I should go to Chinatown first then. Because I wanna get something else there. 

BUDGETBUDGETBUDGETDARN. No money!!!! I think everything will cost a bomb. How???? I will have to start my shop soon to earn some money. I have yarn and hook to crochet stuff to sell. Hope you will support me then so that I will have money to buy more craft materials to try out more things!

That's all for today. I hope my shop online will take off like an airplane when I finally reveal it.


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