November 24, 2011

To dye or not to dye?

Well, with A levels coming to an end soon, there was this one teeny thing which has been bugging me. The title is the most appropriate topic sentence. Haha. Should I dye my hair!!! Whoa. It is a life changing decision! HOW!!!! I just had a big hair makeover by the way. I will probably change my profile picture after my trip to Shanghai where I will aim to take more pictures of myself and my hew hairdo.

I told myself I need a major makeover after school officially ended, and this is my first step. Next, is to decide if I should dye my hair and there are many steps to go like revamping my wardrobe and changing the kinds of clothes I wear. I wanna change so much that people will wow at the sight of me. HAHA. I am mega ambitious. Okay, I am running off topic. Lets go back to the topic of hair. I have straight naturally very dark brown hair. I do not know if it is actually black but ya.

I think everyone knew I was obsessed with ombre hair at one period of time after reading Violet's blog. I love her hair. But I also know that it is impossible for me to have hair like that because I do plan to work in am office environment and I highly doubt anyone would want to  employ me if I dye my hair to the extreme. Oh well. I was hoping that I can gradient dye my hair to became light brown without actually harming the roots of my hair. If you need an illustration,  it is something like this:
Isn't it gorgeous? I lovelovelove and wantwantwant! The girl in the picture is very pretty too! I did my best to find one with an Asian because I am an Asian, and failed. Obviously not many Asians are that adventurous.

There are others which I really lovelovelove too. The trend now is dipped dyed hair though. It looks amazing too. But I feel that both of them are generally the same concept and they both will not harm your scalp so it is a to go for me! Look at these!
Pink+Brown+blonde. Love the model's facial expression.
This has got to be one of the best ever. Look at the colour. Oh. Lovelovelove.
This is so pretty too!

So? Do you think I should dye my hair? Will I suit the hair colour? Grrr. Such a difficult decision. Maybe I will not dye my hair or D.I.Y my hair or use temporary hair colour??? AHHH. Hate making decisions.

So should I or should I not?


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