July 02, 2011

Supposed to be studying -.-

Well, I know you are not expecting me till next week, but quite a number things have happened and I cannot wait to record it down before I forget it. I am an awfully forgetful person:/

Anyway, I had this really weird dream the night before one of my exams. So weird that I remembered it. What happened was we bought mealworms from the fish shop to feed the fishes. Then, I had this idea that mealworms eat up ants and since I have ants in my room, I decided to bring some to my room to eat up all the ants. But the next day, weird insects started appearing in my room, big insects that looked like giant crickets and  big spiders:( It was like I had the entire food chain in my room! So disgusting. I was so afraid that I locked myself out of the room. Then, I woke up. I suppose that I got this dream because I saw a video about mealworms the night before. The show was quite interesting though(if you are quite a sadistic) You can watch it here.

My phone also decided to give me some problems, I could not charge it. Luckily, I managed to get on to the forum and solve the problem. Yay. The forum had friendly people who helped me solve the problem. But I cannot wait to change my phone in November or December. I was thinking of changing it to a Samsung phone because they use the same technology as iphone.

I bought something online and I got it today! I am so happy! Haha. Let me show you what I got from Mr. Postman!

Tada! My new butt cushion, bath scrubbie and cross stitch. I bought all these from SGlady. They have really interesting things there, but what I like best about it was free shipping around Singapore<3 

I bought the cushion because of my uncomfortable chair I have at home. I have to say that the cushion is much smaller than expected, but it makes my chair so much more comfortable. I am glad that it is pink. With this cushion, I find it more comfortable to sit straight. So I think it is quite worth it>.< It costs $25.90 and there were cheaper options around the net, but I bought this one because I know the website  is efficient.

I am disappointed in the bath scrubbie though. Not because it is blue, but because it is not very...dense? I do not know how to explain, but it is not as scrubable as the one that I bought before. But for 90 cents, I should not expect too much. The one I got previously was $3.90.

I got the DIY cross stitch keychain for free. I am glad because I was thinking of trying cross stitch for a while, but I also do not want something which is time-consuming so this came at the right moment for me:)

I am having a crafting craving now. But I know it is not good now because my exams have not technically ended. But we will see. I want to deco my thumbdrive:/

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