July 17, 2011

Forward neck position:(

Well. I just discovered what is wrong with me!!! This is so sad:( I am suffering from something called the forward head position! I am mega upset. But, I guess it is good that I found out what is the problem. Because diagnosing the problem is the key to solving the problem, right? Haha.

Anyway, let me tell you what happened to me. My parents always asked me to straighten my back, but I always felt that my back is straight. I mean, you will know if you are standing straight when you are standing, right? So, I always felt irritated when they asked me to straighten my back. But then, I realized that it is not my back which is hunched, the problem seemed to be with the shoulders. So I went to observe my parent's back and discovered that my father and I had back fats(which is really saddening) It went on for a while, me blaming my genes for back fats. Then today, I decided to do research on back fats. I learned something entirely new! I probably look like this.
source: http://www.fitsugar.com/Quick-Fixes-Forward-Head-8206850
Okay, maybe not that bad yet. But I do not want it to become like this :'(

There are several causes of FHP:( But I am pretty sure that mine is due to me reading a lot in primary and secondary school. Because looking down at a book too much causes FHP and mine developed during secondary school. I was a hopeless bookworm, devouring at least three books a day. Yes, unbelievable but true, even if those books were thrashy romance. Haha!

 :'( FHP is so problematic. but I understand so much better now. I always have lower back aches when I stand too long or carry my school back:( That was because I am putting a lot of weight on my spine. Poor spine.

I am determined to correct this though I would still have my back fats(I researched. It is one of the most difficult kinds of fat to get rid of:( ) Argh. I hope by doing the exercises I found on youtube (I hope it is reliable) I would be rid of FHP. If not, I think I will invest some money when I work after 'A's to see some back doctor.

Why is my life like that? :( Maybe I accumulated too much bad karma. I must do more good deeds:)

That's all. Sadlifemax. Ciao!


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