July 10, 2011

In my shopping cart...#4 Shoes galore

Well, the Great Singapore Sales is going to be over soon and I hope to go shopping one more time next week. But anyway, assuming I have the money, the things I want to buy now are:

Poetic Licence Apple Pie
I love the polka dots on this shoe. So cute! I can totally imagine it with a little pink dress:)

I have to say, this is my absolute favorite shoe. It has everything I love! Polka dots, pink, Disney, Mary Jane and dangly stuff! I lovelovelove this.

Nope, those are not my legs but let's concentrate on the shoes, shall we? I like to crochet so I definitely like crochet stuff. These shoes are so sweet. 
I am trying to find something like these in Singapore, but I think Singaporeans are not really into bedroom slippers because of the weather. I love wearing bedroom slippers because the are comfy, but sometimes it gets too warm for comfort. These would be perfect!
I have always liked Clark's shoes because they are always so cute and comfy. This is not an exception. If only I had the money to get one of these in real life. Sigh.

Oh well, that's all for today. I hope you liked what I liked! Ciao!

P.S.I will be rich.

Rebecca :)

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