August 09, 2013

Happy Birthday, Singapore.

Now that I think about it, I kind of miss the assembly we had in Junior college, Secondary and Primary school. The singing of the National Anthem and the saying of the pledge may have started out as an attempt by the Government to bond the students together through common practices, but I think that to the most of us,  it now has a special meaning of its own. Through these everyday practices, I feel that I have subconsciously attached some meanings to the process of singing the National Anthem.

In the past, I have dreaded assembly because it meant that I had to wake up extra early to queue up at the parade ground to stand there and sing the anthem, say the pledge and listen to the various people preach. 

Now, I think I miss it. Definitely not enough to wake up earlier for school, but I miss the entire routine. While it is Singapore's birthday today, I do not really feel as patriotic or hyped up for it as I did before. 

The mood is totally different now. In Primary school, everyone anticipated National day because we would get to see the teachers perform on stage, sing and dance along to all the songs and we get an extra holiday. We also had class parties where we brought different food to school to share with all the classmates. In Secondary school, I got to participate in the parade because I was in Girl Guides. Standing in the midst of the parade actually made me feel somewhat important. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to be in the National Day Parade contingent because I was not 1.65m tall. T.T It was sooo sad. I loved singing the National day theme songs and the ritual running around the school hall in our uniforms. Those were the days that we will never forget, I think. In Junior college, it was not very fun. Junior College was not really fun for me anyway. But I remember the activities that we were made to participate in like the rojak making competition and the lyrics game. 

It is so different in University because the National day (9 August) falls in the Summer Holidays. It means no celebration of any sort! :( I have decided that I will have a mini celebration by wearing red and white on Monday the first day of school. Hahaha. I am just not used to doing nothing for National day. 

As I watched the parade on the television (I never seem to be able to win any tickets...) I had some thoughts. I was never a men in uniform kind of person, but I have to admit that the people in uniform today really looked smart. Kudos to them for the endless rehearsals in the sun and suffering in the singapore heat covered from head to toe from berets to gloves to covered shoes. Well done. If I ever have the chance to take part in the parade, I would. Because it is a form of pride and it is the kind of story which you will tell your grandchildren in years to come. The kind of heartwarming story that I love listening. 

Talking about grandchildren, I asked my grandpa that day about how he proposed to my grandma. It was so adorable because he just laughed and told me to ask my grandma. I did, and she laughed too. It is so difficult to get a reaction from her nowadays. It is so sad to see her looking so blank and helpless most of the time that I think most of my family members tries to make her laugh as much as possible. I really hope that she will start talking again one day. :') 

Anyway, I think it is enough blabbering for one day. 

Happy Birthday Singapore. I hope you will enjoy many more prosperous years to come. <3 

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