August 31, 2013

Someone is going to SWEDEN! :D

OMGOMGOMG. I made it! I got accepted into Linkoping! I am so excited. I will be going in Spring 2014, so it is going to be really really cold. BUT I AM EXCITED.

This is such a dream come true. After dreaming about it since I came to NTU, I finally see my goal coming nearer. AND IT IS LESS THAN A YEAR AWAY. OMG, actually, it is 5 more months. OMG. I am just so overwhelmed and thankful and grateful.

The people I really have to thank are my parents. Thank you for allowing me to go. I hope that they can go to Denmark next year so that we can meet up!

I will definitely have another blog up when I am there. I am just so excited.

But before that, I know that I have to freeze my GPA on a good note, so I am gonna study really hard this semester. Starting now. Haha.


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