January 29, 2012

I broke my presser foot:,(

AHHHH! I broke my presser foot for the overcasting stitch. Silly am I. So silly. I forgot to change the stitch before I press the pedal. Then the machine went 'beep beep beep' ERROR ERROR ERROR. Ah. Now I have to go to a faraway place to get a replacement. SIAN. Whatever la. I am gonna make my skirt soon. I wanna make my skirt soon. I don't wanna procrastinate anymore. Ahh. Help me do that. I am just so lazy to clear my stuff so I can put my machine on the table. Lazy bum am I. I need to be more hardworkinggg.

Work had been sort of fun. I picked up calls for the first time yesterday. It was interesting. I hope it continues to be interesting for the next 6 months. I want to earn money! I still have not gotten my first pay transferred into my bank, but I am really excited. I hope they do it soon.

I am also loving my PINK contact lens I got from Deal.com.sg last December. I got the Blincon one! PINK in colour! God, I just realised it is a Malaysian brand! It is really comfy to wear. The previous one(I forgot the brand) was sort of uncomfortable. I could not bear to remove my contacts at the end of the day. Haha. This is the first time wearing circle lenses. At first, I thought I looked a little like an alien. I got used to it in a while. Now, I am loving it. Ahhh. I want more! Can someone give me a promotion again? It costed me $15.90 which I thought was really reasonable. I love it. I wanna try green or blue coloured lenses next time. Hai. I wish I have more occasions to wear it though. Wearing it to work seem so...vain. But I like the lenses so much! I think I look funny staring at my eyes in the mirror at home because I love it so much. Haha. *eye fetish alert* What to do?

I finally gave my friends their stuff. I do hope they like it! I am trying to think of better ways to make it and I hope they don't mind the imperfections. I am really lazy to send the picture from my phine to my computer so I shan't post the picture. Haha. Lazy bum. I think I made 4 in total. It was quite tiring. I really wish to have a knitting session at my house one day. Haha. I think that would be real cool! I think I will make a bow out of the same fabric as my skirt for myself. Haha. Maybe a pencil case too. I bought 3 metres of that fabric. That's why.

Okay, that's all for today, I just wanted to update. Ciao!


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