January 06, 2012

Clothes for my baby doll.

Well...I finally started using my sewing machine! Whoa! I am so happy and proud of myself too. Today, I made 2 great achievements! First, I made my first ever knitted bow. Then, I made my first lining and HANDSEWED it onto my crocheted pencil case which was made eons ago. Wanna know how long is that? Look at this!

I finished it when I was still using littlecrochetsecrets which was last last year! Haha. It still looks like this. Just with black lining and black zipper because my brother is a guy. I initially wanted to get this for his birthday. I mean make. But I did not know how to use my mom's sewing machine, so I delayed the lining making because I hate to hand sew. Haha. I finally finished it. I hand-sewed the lining a little crooked due to my inexperience, but I am still proud of it overall because... it looks like it was bought! Haha. So happy. This is item number one. 

I also finished making my first ever knitted bow which I am gonna give to Syahirah. I sort of held an auction on Twitter to see who wanted it. She said yes first! Haha. So she got it! this goes!

Nice or not? :P
Hehe. The band is very small because I thought it would be better:/ I just need to wrap the band once around my hair to tie it not too tightly. I hope she will like it:)

I also made a dress and beret for my baby doll earlier this week. Heh heh. I did not know my doll's head is so big, it made the beret look like a showercap! Haha. This week was full of many firsts! This is the picture. Is is not perfect because this was my first try, but I plan to make a life sized one soon! A DRESS. Using sewing patterns la. Haha. If you are wondering what was the la for, it is a sort of like the Singaporean slang. Without further ado, presenting...BABY DOLL!

 Haha. I just realised her clothes matches her blue eyes! Not bad(Y) Looks like I have talent! 

I am going to reconstruct my old sleeve now to made something....Another doll's clothes? Hmm. I am excited. 

That's all for today! Ciao!


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