June 24, 2011

Wayy cool stuff. 0.0

Well...if you have a wacom tablet, this is definitely something which you must try. The coolness of this is beyond any explanation! I do not know if it works for normal graphic tablets, but you should try.

You see, I got a intruos 4 so maybe that is why I did not know this till now. Wacom has this really cool application for the Bamboo series called the Bamboo Dock. I was wondering if I could use it but heh heh. I could in the end. Here is a screen shot of it:

The small squares are the apps I downloaded. Some are games and some are just for fun. A must try is the OPS. It is like a surgery thingie. You must do an operation on this person. See if the person survives. HAHA. My third patient died because I wanted him to. Some apps are preloaded. Anyway, the really cool app is the mood tuner. It is cool beyond cool. Look!
It is this app that you can move around to listen to songs based on your mood which is determined by the colours you drag around. After fiddling with it for a while, I figured something out. Green is for classical music and Blue is pop(usually). I am not too sure about the rest though. I was playing around with it and I ended up once with the news...in German ^^ There were Russian, French, German online radio stations. 

So, I figured. this is a European application so they have European stations. Haha! My only complain is that the songs are not very clear. But then again, I am receiving European stations from Singapore. It is like half the world away. I managed to listen to songs that I like, so I have decided that I like this. It is wayyy amazing.  It would be really great if the reception is better though. Sigh.  

Another application is Livebrush mini. Seriously, I lovelovelove this. It is vector drawing. This is the first time I am trying this and I am already in love with it. However, I encountered a problem. I cannot seem to export the pictures I make into .PNG format so that I can colour it in photoshop. In fact, I cannot change the file format at all. So, in order to show you what I did, I used screenshot. Here:

I will leave you with this:) Go try it out if you have not! Ciao!

Rebecca:/ <--back to studying. 

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