June 05, 2011

Back from Tioman and yarn shopping.

Well, I just got back from Tioman Island in Malaysia and I have to say, I am happily exhausted. I will post more the trip next time. I have to get the pictures from the camera, which is now soaking in plain water after being immersed in seawater there. I have to say that with the camera, the experience underwater is really enhanced. I even managed to take a video underwater. How cool is that??? You can hear things:) I am so excited to show you more. But that will have to wait till I get the memory card out of the camera.

Meanwhile, you will just have to look forward to it and see what I got from Spotlight:) Okay. I always have a budget of how much I spend when I go yarn shopping. Okay. Actually, all shopping;) I told myself that I was not going to spend more than $20. So here is what I got for $20:

Loots of the day:)
Okay, The three books on the background are from the national library. So technically, I did not get those. But the rest....heh heh. they are mine for keeps. Here's the breakdown of the list of items:

Pink yarn---$4
Blue yarn---$4
Cream yarn-$4
Safety eyes-$2.99
5 mm hook-$4.99

Haha. You know what the best thing about this is? I planned to spend $20, but I did not actually count the amount till I was at the cashier. Haha. I totally got a inborn talent for budgeting. Yay me!

I am a little sad though. I think I should have bought a 4mm hook because I did not use the 5mm one in the end because it made my stitches too big:/ Oh well. I will use it next time.

I did not really get to crochet a lot, I was too busy floating in the ocean and avoiding jellyfishes. I am TERRIFIED of them. They sting:'( I will draw you a funny short story starring jellyfishes and moi next time.

Okay. So anyway, I only managed to make these during the trip:

All by me:)
Nice? I know it is not perfect, but who cares. Haha. The snail and mushroom pattern is from the book above. The one with amigurumi. The mushroom looks a little weird because I am not so good at ahem...sewing. Yes. Oh well. I did some modifications to the snail, and I love it:) I am so giving this to Wan sing, my classmate who used to be terrified of snails. I think her fear has been reduced because some friend of hers kept posting pictures of slugs and snails on her wall in Facebook for a certain period of time. Haha. The last is the bow made with my own pattern. Hehe. I will have a tutorial on how to make that when I finish editing the pictures and stuff.

Oh well, I leave you with this picture I edited. Haha. My friend brought colourful Gofish to school to share during Chemistry class. Rebecca ended up arranging the fishes according to colour. But fishes are meant to be eaten, right? So she popped them into her mouth, hmmm. It is a tad too salty for her taste. Haha. Ciao!


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