June 08, 2011

Tioman Island!

Well, I finally got the pictures from the memory card so this post is really going to be full of picturesss. Heh heh. Okay. So I went to Tioman Island, Malaysia with my family last weekend for three days and two nights. My father drove there and seriously, after being awake on the trip back, I do not understand how did I managed to stay asleep on my trip there. The road is like this:

Toyota wish from: http://www.my-cars.org/sg/products_new.asp?make=8
Ya, my daddy drives a Toyota Wish. It is sliver grey though. I was to lazy to search for the correct colour. On our drive back, I was like...I SLEPT THROUGH THIS?! Oh well. This tells you a lot about me, doesn't it? Haha. Anyway, after a three hour drive, we took a one and half hour ferry. I have to say I got really irritated with the ferry service. It was supposed to come at 1130 but we waited and waited and waited. I think we waited for 45 minutes doing nothing because we were afraid that the ferry was going to leave us and the ferryman said that the next one was at 1700. So annoyed and hungry because we did not eat breakfast and I was famished. Grrr. 

Well, by the time we reached the resort(we went to Paya Beach Resort), it was about 1445. We finally ate lunch at the resort. The food was okay. But there was this hornet/wasp/bee that kept flying about our table, well, the waiter hit it hard and it flew away. I was afraid it was going to bring back some of its friends and sting us all! Haha. There was also this cat which tried to give me this puppy(kitty) eyes and get me to give it food. Oh, and an adorable little boy who was speaking a language I did not understand. Ahhh! He is so preetty with blonde hair, blue eyes and sunkissed skin. I think he was trying to shoo the cat away, then the cat went nearer to him and he got scared. He went to his granny. I felt like hugging him, he is sooo cute.

Anyway, we got to nap for a while to avoid the afternoon sun after lunch. Yes, I know I am not supposed to do that. We went snorkeling at about 1600. We did not bring the camera on the first day(REGRET). There were nicer fishes and corals at the beach than the places they brought us on the second day. But...there were also more JELLY FISHES!!!!AHHH! Okay, I promised a mini story on it so here goes. 
Done in PSE:)
Haha, now you know, I am not a very calm person when facing my fears! Jellyfish phobia has no special name though. Pity. Haha. I am pretty sure that this fear of mine came from Finding Nemo. But when you touch a jellyfish, it hurts:( It stings you. The worse thing is you did not offend it! Yes, I really literally hopped/jumped over my brother to get to the other side. Haha.

Okay, I think I talked enough for now. Enjoy the pictures that we(mostly my brother, cause he was hogging the camera) took.

Whoo! First picture of me! with a lot of air bubbles around.

the one that looks like a brain  is the brain coral :D

Parrot fish: a really rainbowful fish:)

many fishes
Close up of many fishes. They are all snatching for a piece of bread.

This coral is really beautiful. I love the colour. It looks a little like lavender?

Somehow, this picture looks depressing. I think it is because of the lack of fishes. Maybe they all got scared away by my brother who dived down to take this photo:/

Sea urchins, lots of them.

You know what was my reaction when I saw this? I was like, heh heh, can I grab one out and make it to uni sashimi, please? There are so many colonies? of them I think they will not miss one! But then again, when I got closer to the sea urchins, they look absolutely terrifying:( They have eyes!!! Scary. Oh and if you are wondering why the corals the sea urchins are lying on are white, it is because these are bleached/dead. More on that below.

Doesn't this picture look so surreal even crooked? Yes, unbelievable but true. I took it:)

Really beautiful sunset.
Oh, I wanted to give you an idea of how this side of the island is like so ya. the circle labelled a is where all the really really beautiful corals are. There were clownfishes(nemo), purple corals, green corals, brain corals and all those other pretty corals and fishes. Oh, but there are also a lot of nasty jellyfishes. Grrr. Try to go there when there is high tide though. It is a really rocky area and it is difficult to swim above the rocks. 

Area b is the jetty. You walk inland, you will see a little shop selling food. The Ice kacang is yummy, specially when you are eating it in the afternoon. The Ramly burger, according to my brother, who ate it, is delish. Not to forget satay for supper. I did not eat that. I do not like satay much, but 10 sticks of it disappeared within 2 minutes. But the store only sells the satay at night though.

Lastly before a shocking surprise, I would like to say that Tioman island is really quite a wonderful place to visit with all the corals. But having been to Perhentian and Redang(twice) I must say that Redang island seem to have more activities to do, more places to go and the beach is really amazing. Tioman island is a really good place to relax, but there is not much things to do there. Perhentian was not so fantastic because many of the corals are getting bleached. It is really upsetting because according to an article I saw the corals at Redang are also dying. Not to mention that the shallower waters at Tioman also had many bleached corals. AHHH! Silly people are making the world go whacko! So if you wanna see corals in their wild habitat, I think you should go soon. Global warming is really endangering the corals lives. Furthermore, do you know that jellyfishes adapt very well to warmer waters? They will take over the ocean if we do not stop this and sting us to death. Anyway that was a little out of point. Point is, if people keeps damaging the Earth, we might only see corals in the aquarium. So ya. Do your part in saving our Earth. 

Guess who!
Lastly, does this photo look like it is of a six year-old child? Well...you know, it is me-___-||
AHHH! How come I look like I am six year-old! I am shocked/appalled/stunned/surprised/speechless/all that I mentioned. Gosh.

Yup. Now you can also be shocked about how I look like a six year-old when I am three times that age. Ciao!


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