June 20, 2011


Well, let me tell you something bad I did. I started watching Korean dramas again! That is not good because you will get addicted to it! I should not have started. But it was soooo good. SIGH. But these choices have consequences and now I am suffering from this consequence. I spent most of last week watching the dramas, I am still stuck with a lot of revision to do and next week is my exam. Thus, I cannot enjoy the drama properly and stopped watching it altogether.

Now I am going to tell you how I got addicted to it. In other words, do not learn from me. I am a prime example of being a bad girl D:

First, I got bored with studying. I decided to find an anime to watch. But it is a very difficult task for me because I am such a horribly picky person. I found a somewhat nice anime---> Itazura na kiss!
I was thinking, it is just a short show. No harm right? I was so happy after finish watching the show because I loved the ending. Heh heh. Then, I saw there was an adaptation of the show from Korea, Taiwan and Japan. OHH! I do not watch Taiwan or Japanese drama usually, so I checked out the Korean one. D: I GOT HOOKED. It was such a good show with good looking actors and actresses. The Korean version is called Mischievous kiss. AH. 

Because I like the cast so much, I shall add some pictures:D

I love this scene:P

source: http://fuckyeahplayfulkiss.tumblr.com/post/1660501403
In fact, Youtube has this special edition of the show. AH. Show you how nice it is:D

This is the first of seven episodes specially made to be shown on Youtube. I highly recommend the show.
Heh. Okay. I tell you the truth. I thought the lead actor was cool. So I went to search for another show with him in it. Then I realised that he is a K-pop singer. I do not like K-pop:/ Anyway. I found another show...Boys over flowers. That show was a hit for the longest time. Everyone was talking about it, but I was not that interested. Then, I watched it. 

I think it is nice too. Sigh. But I really do not like the end because the girl ended up with the other guy! :'(

Which pairing do I support? :)

source: http://impulsivesocialite.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/boys-over-flowers-episode-15-preview/
Of course it is these two! Hehe :D I really liked the characters that Kim Hyun Joong protrayed in both the shows, but his actual persona is really different. Sigh. I think he is quite pretty*-* 

After this show, I tried watching others, but none of them was very good. Which is just as well. I must get back to studying. Coincidentally, both shows were adapted from mangas. I want more! But no. Next time!

Back to work, ciao!


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