January 13, 2014

Being able to talk is a blessing

Yesterday, while I was at my grandparents house helping my grandma prepare her medicine, I decided to pack up her wardrobe at the same time . I personally prefer to talk to her while I do things around her, so I was just packing the clothes and talking to her at the same time. She hardly talks now, so I was not expecting her to reply me.

I picked up this pair of long purple pants and I commented that the pants was too long for her to wear now. Just then, she started to reply that it was from when... then, she stopped talking, started again, stopped again, and sighed.

I know she wants to be able to communicate so badly, but she is unable to. Seeing my grandma like this really breaks my heart. I am not sure if she is unable to form the words, or if she is having difficulties trying to remember what words to use. But it really breaks my heart to see her like this.

Being able to speak is really a blessing. This makes me wonder why people use their freedom to talk to hurt other people. Their are so many others who are unable to communicate evem if they would love to. The world is really cruel.

As for my grandma, I believe that her inability to form sentences stems from the lack of use. She decided to stop talking for a while for some reason, but i can see that she is gradually becoming more willing to speak now. However, now thst she is willing, she does not seem to be able to do it very well.

After she sighed, I told her to try practise more to herself and I will look forward to talk to her when I get back.

I hope she will get better when I come bak from Sweden.

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