December 09, 2014

The last bit of time.

This post is from 11 months ago, but I decided to post it anyway. This was hard work. Haha.

Now that I have a wee bit time on my hands, I wanted to finish the flour left in the kitchen. I still have some wholemeal flour, bread flour and top flour in the cupboard. After all, no one is going to bake anything for 6 months when I am gone. So I attempted making pizza again, this time with better ingredients. Heh heh.

Before baking

After baking! 
It was goooood. After calculating the cost, I realised that baking your own pizza is not thaaat cheap.

Cheese                  ~$8
Tomatoes              ~$0.50
Pineapples             ~$1.00
Ham                      ~$3.00
Onions                  ~$0.50
Flour                     ~$0.50    

This is for 2 pizzas about the size of my chopping board. Hmmmm. But the satisfaction is beyond words.

I love making things from scratch.

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