October 21, 2013

Stress is good for health. Seriously?

Whoever coined in that phrase is a little crazy. I absolutely detest feeling stressed! It is like sleeping on the floor for 2 nights in a row. You body feels achy and a massage does not help because it is all in the mind!

Boo hoooo.

So many assignment and too little time. I hope that I would be able to finish most of them by this week so that I will have sufficient time to finish studying all my modules for the exam. This semester is especially important because I will have my GPA freezed next semester because I am going for exchange. >.< Plus, I am taking 6 modules! I am crazy. First time taking six modules and I am crying holy mama! Hahaha. That kind of came out a little off.

At this point of time, I really have to be grateful for my fellow coursemates. Since they probably do not know the existence of this blog, I think it would be safe to say that because they are so on the ball, they have influenced me to do the same. If it was me in the past, I think I might keep procrastinating till the last minute. Thanks to them, I have discovered the joy of doing much of my work before the deadline and finding the discipline to do so because everyone else is doing it and you do not want to lose out.

Unfortunately, this stress has shown its side effects again. Craving for fast food is not fun when you are trying to lose weight. My weight loss attempt has been not very successful so far. Sigh o sigh.

To illustrate how studious(relatively) I am, here's a picture of my messy table.

Notes with home made mind-map goodness(I wish)

Anyway, let me sidetrack a bit. SAJC made us do the love language test when I was there for one of the moral education lessons. I love taking these personality tests even though they are not entirely reliable and they can be utterly flawed. It is fun. So I wanted to see if I changed or something, so I did it again, this time online.

Oh look! Not much change! I think I used to be a little higher in words of affirmation, but now I have acts of service standing on equal grounds. Hahaha. Hmmmm. What is to be said from this test?

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