March 31, 2013

Socializin' fun!

So, I said I had another post on my socializing experience right? This is it. Haha. What a bad introduction. Oh well, whatever. ^^

My JC1 classmates and I went back to school for lunch and a quick meet up! It was nice seeing everyone again^^ This picture was my favourite of them all! Although I am not very very close to all of you because we only had one year together, you will be in my heart! My heart has many compartments. 

Before Jing Li left for Aussie, we met again at Star Visa and ate Porn's! Not bad, but the Pad Thai was not as good as Nakhon in Kovan. Tom Yum was really good because it was super sour, I like.

Went for Michelle's 21st birthday party with Cheryl. It was nice seeing her again! I wore heels so I am almost their height. Hahahaha. #cheat. Bought her a Herschel bag, fell in love with another Herschel bag, bought it and now it is on its way to Singapore from USA ^^ Much cheaper than buying from the shop in Singapore. It is out of stock anyway. -.- I super love Michelle's dress!

Celebrated Jing Li's birthday at hatched! Speaking of which, I have not bought Jing Li's present! :( She flew over specially to celebrate! Cool only!She looked so pretty that day ^^ I bought my home lighter for the occasion and everyone laughed at me. See my lighter in the picture? It was the big gun looking type. :(

Here is another picture of all of us! <3

Celebrated Jaya's birthday with my fellow guide friends! We are all grown up!

 All of us! Not all, but almost!

Added this because it is a nice picture. Hahaha. 

The day we collected our HSS packs and helium balloons. Poor Qing lin's balloon flew up into the ceiling during our elective. RIP, balloon. But we got another the next day. I was attempting the helium voice thingie, but there was no difference in my voice. Either I am doing it wrong or it does not work on me. I hope it is the latter. Because then I would be cool. #nonsense Hahaha.

It is only the end of March and but so far this year has been not bad IF you do not include school. School got tougher, I have 4 assignments from 4 different module due soon. I hope I do not explode....-.-

Rebecca :)

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