March 30, 2013

Sweet memories ^^

As my projects' and assignments' deadlines zoom in closer and closer, I need to remind myself to set my priorities right. I must really look at my current goal more closely. I WANT TO GO FOR EXCHANGE IN SWEDEN SEM 2 2014!!! I just wrote this on my wall big big! Oh well. Sucks that we place such an importance on meritocracy.

We work hard, so we must play hard too. Today was an eventful day, but I want to write about the whole of March in general. March flew by really quickly. I always have the motivation to blog when something happens, but you know, I procrastinate. :/

I am really grateful to have such nice friends in my course. I never expected it to be this way. When I went for Welcome Day in NTU alone, I thought I might really be a loner and my worse fear would come true. Instead, we had our own  loners' table and now.....we have a group of people who have a shared understanding and things to talk about all the time. Having been in a mission school almost all my life(nursery, primary school, secondary school and junior college), this is the first time I find myself not surrounded any Christians. It is a little weird, and yet interesting. My horizons really became broader. Apart from the religion shock, I think the conversation subject that ALWAYS pop up never fail to shock me.


So weird! I am talking about conversations about marriage, kids, spouses and what not. Super weird! Hahahaha. But I enjoy talking about who fangirls over who and who is the best fangirl material. Hahahaha. I once asked them to change the topic, and Phyllis said," But we are girls! " Well, I certainly hardly ever talked about guys in my other schools before 0.o Weird. I tend to keep quite quiet in those HTHT sessions. No comments and not really in a position to comment.

This post was supposed to be for me to showcase some of the things I did. I sidetracked. -.-

I had my recess week 2 weeks ago, but it was really eventful^^

Homemade Tom Yum with glass noodles with tomatoes, xiao bai cai, corn and egg. The stick there is lemongrass. I am not a big fan of it, but it makes Tom Yum nommy. Nom. This was on my stay home day.

120313 - Kiseki with Fried Brains! Best gathering with almost full attendance! We went for Japanese buffet and then to Playnation to play Kinect! <3 I stole all these pictures from Facebook, but I am sure the rest will not mind ^^

Fried brains (almost) family picture!

 After Kinect, everyone was exhausted, sweaty and probably not as nice-smelling. We enjoyed it though! <3 Look at my tired face and my unevenly sized eyes.. Hahaha.

So tired that when I went to Nex afterwards, I told my brother to carry my heels while I walked in slippers. Hahahaha. ^^ Thanks bro!

150313- Disney on Ice with Lynette! <3 We ate The basement (again!) But I loved it. Met up with Josephine for a wee bit! Missed her lots! Even though we are in different schools, I hope that we will keep in touch and meet up regularly:) Must make the effort okay! Really love Disney on Ice! This year's theme was Princesses and Heroes. <3 Ariel had quite a bit of spotlight, so I loved it! Stupid bottle leaked and flooded my bag(for the XXXth time). I am always so clumsy >.<

 35 baby fishes died. :( RIP, dear little ones. I missed you and loved you while you lasted. I hoped that at least one would live. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Got my HSS pack with a Helium balloon:)Found out that balloons are really nice to write on with my Zebra pen! <3

Japanese buffet again with family! <3 I love salmon, but my prof just informed me that it is not environmentally sound to eat them. 1 kg of salmon requires 6 kg of other fishes to rear. *sniffles*

Bought foot peeling mask to try. OMG. FEET PEELED LIKE CRAZY. Not like thin layers of skin coming out you know. It was a thick layer! My feet is in the last stages of peeling. I bought this Nature's Republic foot mask from Bugis. $9.90 with discount. Hehe. 

Went to La De Creme with my sociology friends for a friend(s) date today! Hehe. 3 pots of tea, 1 cup of roasted almond latte, 4 desserts. It was good. I loved the round white with chocolate flakes cake the best! 

Another picture. 

We were going to Vanessa's house to play Kinect (Thanks Vanessa!) And she so kindly drove us from the train station to the cafe and on to her house! Even lent me her shower! Thank you so much, my friend! So I fed her the last piece of cake. My favourite one! Genevieve. It has praline, crunchy something and special cream that is so good that even someone like  me who hates cream ate it. Okay la. Just kidding. I ate the last piece. This was just a pose! :p

A picture of all of us who went! I am in an odd position, but who cares. I decided to wear my saints shirt to dance because I felt like it. ><

I still have more pictures I have not talked about yet! OMG. When did I get a life, seriously. Hahaha. Oh well. It was really fun! Maybe it was fate Vanessa's doggies were not at home. I am afraid of dogs(yes, I admit it) I want to overcome that fear though. I will. *determined*

That's all. I will talk about the rest again in another post. This post is long enough as it is! >.<

Rebecca :)

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