April 03, 2013

Liberal Arts, useless?

This is a short post about something my friend shared on Facebook and is quite close to my heart. I am currently studying Sociology in NTU, Singapore. I have to say that my decision to study Sociology was one of my best academic decisions I made in my life. I am really grateful to my GP teacher in Junior College for making me un-dislike General Paper. Haha. It led me to a turning point in my life to decide to take Social Sciences. For one period of time, I really really wanted to take Political Science.

I am interested to learn more about how the world works and why our government and other governments work the way they do. Especially in terms of policy making. Are policies that are good for the citizens better or those that the citizens want more important? Both choices has it implications and consequences. I enjoy asking questions like that.

However, I am actually glad I did not take Political Science. Because I do not have any History background, I do not have adequate knowledge to aid me into thinking beneath the surface and looking into the possible historical background. That's was partially why I suffered when I did my essay on Terrorism last semester. I did not have the tools in my tool kit to comprehend why there are conflicts in the Middle-East and how their history with the western countries played a part in creating violence and conflict in the world today. I cannot say I regret not taking History though. I really did not enjoy source-based questions. I still do not. Haha.

I have to say I am very very very glad that I found Sociology and they accepted me into the course despite my less than sparkly results. After I got into my course, when people ask me what am I going to do after university, I will just answer, "I wanna be a civil servant". I really have no idea whatsoever as to what will I do in the civil service. "I wanna go to MCYS, because it is near my house and the job scope is probably something I am interested in.", "I also like Public Relations." I will answer like that. I do not understand why people look down on those taking Social Sciences. -.- I think I am enjoying myself most of the time. Not today though. I just watched a movie on how my food gets killed and gutted. Explicitly shown to me. *shudders* I am supposed to get something out of a non-narrated movie. Haha.

So, back to my topic on Social Sciences....my friend posted an article, albeit a very long one, about the value of studying the Liberal Arts. Just read it. I guarantee it will be worth your time and give you a new insight as to what the Liberal Arts is all about.

This is the link! I really feel that my decision to study Liberal Arts is justified now. Haha. ^^

It is a long read, but I hope you gained something from it just as I did.

That's all I wanted to say. Haha.

Rebecca :)

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