October 17, 2012

Relationship as a social norm :/

Ahhh! I am finally done with the two major assignments for these two weeks! It had been very traumatic research about Terrorism, something that I detest and have never read up on before. IT WAS SO TORTUROUS. Trying to understand something which had a lot of history and squeezing EVERYTHING in 5 days.

For the first time of my life, I had the "enriching" experience of writing a 2100+ word long essay in 8 hours. That is not a very good thing. But I have learnt my lesson. Do my research early and do not cram EVERYTHING to the last minute because it is really not funny.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about social norms today. Nothing to do with Sociology, the course I am studying right now, but more of an observation after today's train ride with my coursemate when we had a conversation that I (frankly) feel uncomfortable to talk about.


So....we were on the train talking about yada yada. Then I do not know how, the topic went to relationships. She mentioned this statement which kept me stunned for the rest of the journey home.

 She said,"Aiyo, how old already, still no relationship."

In my mind, I just totally went on defence mode and internally thinking whoa whoa whoa! WHAT IS THIS. Just because I am 19 does not mean that I need to go looking for a relationship -___- In fact, I am VERY happy being single.

Looking at my friends who were in a relationship from the view of an outsider, I think it is something you must be ready to commit to. Meeting up, giving in, giving up are a few of the things you must be ready for. I am obviously not ready for it. I want to be a me me for a little longer. All I need to worry about are my studies, whether I have time to sleep, craft, eat, what dramas to watch next yada yada. Nothing too complicated for a simple girl like me. Okay. That can also be constituted as slacking and wasting my time away. But I think it makes me happy.

Why is it that at this age and time, we must be pressurized into going into a relationship? It seems like everyone thinks that it is time to get into relationship when you go into uni yada yada. So what makes you more ready for a relationship at 19 but not 16? Studies first is a feeble excuse. If it was a good one then I can say I am still studying.

I think I am still emotionally too immature to handle a relationship anyway. I am a hopeless romantic. Sigh. So I will wait for my prince charming to come find me so I can fulfil my dream of having a cute baby. If all else fails and no one wants me, I will go to the SPERM BANK. HAHAHAHAHA. Of course, let's hope that I need not go to that extent for it is not so pragmatic. *soci-ing internally*

Ya, so I was just wondering. I think I will remain a me me for a while yet, but at the same time, I also selfishly hope that my friends will remain a them them for a while yet too. Sigh. Selfish of me, I know.

Okay. So this is a somewhat light-hearted little chat about something I was thinking about as I attempted to be more healthy by walking home from Marymount MRT today. I hope that no one is offended. :/ That's all. Ciao!

Rebecca :)

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