October 19, 2012

In my shopping cart...#6

Well...I just realised that it has been ages since I did one of these posts! I have some bad news:( I accidentally plugged out my external hard drive from my computer rendering unrecognisable by the damn computer. I am really angry with myself for doing it >:( I have tried many of the solutions available online but non of them seem to work! I am just so depressed now because most of my data is on the external hard disk and not my local disk. So i cannot access most of my music and stuff.

Okay, anyway, this post is for things in my shopping cart! I was just browsing the local online shops and I found some things that I really like! But you know and I know I do not buy clothes online because I am afraid it cannot fit me D: Sad life of a not skinny girl. BUT...I can look right! Haha. Here are some of the pretty ones I like!

NICE RIGHT! I love the holes in the sleeves and the lace detail and the ribbon at the neckline!

This one is nice too! I love embroidery details. And it is a pretty lavender dress. I doubt it will look very nice on me though. Still, a girl can look:)

This will definitely not look good on me. I have tried this kind of dress. Bah. But I like looking at it! Navy with polka dots! Haha. :) A lot like my secondary school uniform.

I like this! The moment I am skinny, I will get this kind of dress! It is so cuteeeee.

This is like my ultimate girly dress! Haha, SO GIRLY. But I like. Haha. Too bad I don't online shop. ><

Yup, so these are the five things that I would very much like to buy just to try! But I have no money now. Poor me. That's all! Ciao!


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