September 19, 2012

DIY analysis from inspirations.

Well, I was just browsing the net when I realised that online shops are actually a very good place to get inspiration for DIY! I saw so many things I wanted to try:) So exciting! So I will share my inspirations with you! ^^

Price: S$7.90

DIY method:
Weave suede cord into chain, glue the ends and attach clasp and tassel charm.
Cost: $8.00

DIY method:
Weave suede cords of two colours along each side of the chain, glue the ends and attach clasp.

Cost: $12.90

DIY method:
Ahhh, this one, it might be easier to buy it instead of making it because it require quite a lot of items. But the satisfaction of making your your jewellery is ever so exciting. So here goes, attach jump rings to feather charms, bead and charms altnerate on a beading wire or thread, crimp with the end thingie, attach jump ring, attach chain and clasp. When attaching the beads to wire, use two strands of wire so you can have the second tier. 

DIY method:
Five elastics of different colour and similar length, thread in the golden beads and charms, close the ends with the crimps, attach the five strand together by attaching crimps in random places to add to the design and make it into a single bracelet. Clever idea. I really like this.
Cost: S$6.00

DIY method:
Weave in different coloured suede cord on each side, attach crimps at end and attach clasp.
Cost: S$9.00

DIY method:

Attach feather charm and bottle onto chain. Easy peasy.

That's all for today. :) I love doing this DIY analysis! Haha. I really zoomed in to look at how was it constructed. YAY for DIYable stuff.



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