September 13, 2012

Things are looking up:)

Well, I am really happy to say that Rebecca is not as lonely anymoreee! Yippee! However, she is suffering from a horrible backlog of readings and catching up with school work so I decided to make a little picture post to you know, cover the really sad post about me being lonely. Not a lot have been going on lately though. I spent absolutely too much time on public transport, it is crazyyy. Palau NTU is awfully far away! Boo-hoo!

So, let the pictures begin!

For those who are not aware, I am going to share a space with my friend at a FLEA! So exciting! I have been thinking hard about what I wanna sell:) I will be showing you pictures of the things I made to sell! Hehe.  The bracelets above, I really like the one on the furthest right! Almost tempted to keep it for myself!!!I am still looking for places that sells nice beads. Especially big wooden bead so that I can crochet on them.

Dust plugs! These thingies are in trend right now, but I do not really like using them because I use my phone for music and I plug my earphones in and out all the time. But if you do not, these are really pretty phone candy! I personally like the cake ones! So cute!

Pizza at Pitchstop with my coursemates at NTU at the innovation centre because Canteen B was just too crowded! 12" pizza sells for $18, no GST, no service charge. GOOD? Yes. This is roasted turkey beast. Nomnom. 

I missed this! Ice-cream from my grandpa! YUP! My grandpa sells ice-cream! Nomnom. But he is growing old, I am really worried for him. :( I hope he can still sell ice-cream for a few more years even though he is 72 years old because this was what enabled my grandparents to bring up all 6 of my aunties and uncles. My grandparents probably had very good money management. 

YESSS! I finally bought my Sailormoon because Kinokuniya was having their 20% sale that day!

Original price: $143
Price paid: $115 

Prices here rounded off to the nearest integer. Hehe. 

Although I know I could probably get it cheaper off Amazon, but I do not know why, this feels more satisfying! :p I will definitely buy off Amazon for my next one though. 

Finally passed my Final Theory Test! YAY! I cannot wait to go for my practical test!

Okay, so that's all for today. I need to go mack to my readings now. I promise I will update you on what I am making for the flea! It is on the 23rd September at *scape :p If Atrina reads this, thank you so much for accommodating me!

Rebecca :)

P.S. I have a presentation tomorrow and I have not prepared for it sufficiently yet. OMG >.<  Wish me luck!

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