August 15, 2011

I miss YOG!

Well, I know I have been missing lately. I was too lazy to post anything. Heh heh. It has officially been a year since the inaugural YOG in Singapore!!! Sigh. How fast time passes even if you are not having fun. I really missed the times we had. I did not take many pictures though. I should have! I was too busy entertaining random athletes, not like some people who was so busy taking pictures. I know you like meeting people all over the world, I do too. But you should know where are your priorities. You are there to entertain then, not really take lots of pictures with them! Argh. Whatever la >P I had a GREAT, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL, (Insert similar adjectives here)^5 time! I gained really a lot of experience planning stuff and I learnt a hell lot of things about different kinds of people. From those who ignore you, irritate you, are very irresponsible, unreasonable, you said it, I think I got it. Oh well, I think you are not really interested in my rambling anyway, so I shall just get to the pictures, shall I? Please note that these pictures were taken from a old 9MP camera, so the quality is ridiculous:/

So this was the place where I was for 4 days. I was a World Culture Village(WCV) Host! In this WCV, there are many booths representing the different countries. My school was in charge of GERMANY! Anyway, only authorised personnel were able to enter for security purposes and they check your bags and you have the scan your tags before entering. So I think it is cool that I was there. Heh heh! So I thereby give you a peek into the WCV!

I photoshopped this a long while back, so technically, I did not do anything much. I just blurred the background and removed some freckles. I am glad to say that those were my good face days:) I did not even make any eyes bigger. Har har. This is a picture of the two in-charge! Josephine(left) and myself. Obviously I am the one with the bigger face, and I was the ''camwhorer''. It did not help that the picture was very nicely taken, my face is still big. I had braces then. I do not like smiling with braces. Glad to have them off now :D Compare the face width. Eww.

I know this is unclear, but I cannot help it:/ I told you the camera was lousy. I admit that I reduced the size of my face here by quite a bit. My face actually looks okay! Big face, Moonface!<---From the faraway tree, one of my favorite children's books ever! Anyway, this picture was with athletes from Antigua-Barbuda. I am pretty sure this is on one of the last days, because I had badges on my lanyard. I kept the lanyard, but I think it is tarnishing:(

This is a picture with Karla and her fellow swimmer Kevin! I was supposed to bring her around Singapore, but because she had to go to Pulau Ubin for her ''adventure'' and subsequently I had school, we could not meet :'( Pity. I was so excited. They are from Guatemala. Look at the badges they have on their lanyards! According to Karla, it is something like a tradition. Each athlete is given a lot of badges on their way here and they trade badges. So she has many many of them. Me thinks it is a cool way to interact. I managed to get some from the athletes! Yay me! The largest one was the Taipei pin. It had two backings. I had fun with the Taiwanese athletes  They said that Singaporeans Chinese cannot make it:/

Here are two Chinese atheles. I remember the guy went on to win a medal. This was also when I felt that my Chinese was terribly bad :/ He was struggling to make the friendship band. Oh, I forgot to mention. The athletes came to the booth and learn about Germany, they also got to do some handicrafts like make friendship bands. If you look carefully, you can see the friendship bands on some of the athletes wrists:) I remember I had difficulty teaching the Chinese guy how to tie it in Chinese-___-|| Josephine got to wear a German costume which belong to a German intern from the embassy. Lucky:) I like that kind of dresses, especially the bodice. I am not being feminist, but I swear, girls can do friendship bands better than guys. There are two designs, the Chinese staircase and diagonal. I usually let them choose which one do they wanna learn, but when I see some of the guys, I go like, hmmm, I think you should do this one. Because you will see,  a girl can do it in 30-40 minutes, a guy does it in about half a day. Haha! Especially the really tall ones. Tall=big hands=big fingers= not good for handling threads.

Okay. Two Aussie and one German. I am too lazy to type out the entire conversation, but I think they spent 2 hours in the booth! :) I was telling the German athlete how to tie the friendship band the entire time. And yes, that was all he did. The girl managed to do the friendship band and paint a buddy bear!

I reallyreallyreally missed those times. If Singapore ever organise something like this again, I hope that I will get the opportunity to volunteer again:)

Well, I really need to get back to work now so I will stop here. Ciao!

Rebecca ['',]

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