August 30, 2011

Gastronomic Journey to the moon

Well, I have been eating rather good food the last few months. In Lynette's words, my tum-tum is happy. However, as happy as it has become, it means that it is growing bigger too! Time to go on a special diet!:/ I am not a avid photographer, so do not expect too many pictures!

Oysters from Trader's Hotel. They are too big, and if my guess is not wrong, grown in freshwater. So the taste is not very strong. But look at the size! For someone who can eat 20 oysters, I have to say that these were big. I stopped after the tenth. I like eating it with a wedge of lemon. Since these were not salty, I found that adding a few grains of slat makes it more delish!

 I lovelovelove eating home alone because I get to cook whatever I like to eat and eat wherever I want, which is in front of the computer. This is Korean chacharoni (jajangmyun in Korean). It is instant noodles by the way. Veggies and tomatoes not included. It would have tasted better with kimchi, but I did not have those at that point of time. Although it does not look good, but it is really yummy:)
 My mummy bought me these! Yumyumyum, one of my favourite ice-cream shops, but sososo expensive!(money fly away) :'( It comes with a funny story though because my mum seldom eat ice-cream. We passed by the ice-cream shop at Citilink, they were selling two cups of ice-cream for $4, which is a good buy because it is so expensive on normal days, so I asked my mummy,"Can I have a cup of ice-cream? Preetty please? We share!" My mum told me I can have both, so I got blue one(forgot the name) and the berry one. My mom was holding the cup of ice-cream and I told her to try it. Lo and behold, she liked it(rare!!!) and she ate it all up:/ I ate the blue one, which was really good too. But I wanted the berry one so after dinner we got two more cups for my brother and I and I finally got to eat the berry one too. Yay to me! Two cups of yummy ice-cream in a day!
Another of my home alone meals. Aglio Olio! Nomnomnom! >.< One of my favourites:) You know, I swear it is the camera. DSLRs make everything look good, so even though this do not look like much, it is yummy because this picture was taken from my phone.  I know the previous sentence is very incoherent, but that is the way I think and I am currently to lazy to correct it! Hmmpf.

I went to Shabira's house for lunch today for Hari Raya. I love her mummy's cooking, especially the mutton. Oh god, it was good. I got a good deal because I got to have one more piece of mutton from Sha's friend because she did not like mutton and I gave my chicken to Sha because I do not like chicken, so I was happy I did not need to eat it.(Sneaky me, but it was a win win situation!) I do not have any photos, but I was annoyed by her sister's friend because he kept saying how women should all learn to sew and become virtuous wives. Oh my, what a annoying Male Chauvinist Pig.

Well, that's all, I know it has been a long time since I posted, but I was busy as a bumble bee. Studying is tough job. Ciao!

Rebecca :)O= [can you see my happy belly?]

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