July 11, 2015

Amigurumi gift ideas

Sorry again for the long hiatus, but I am back for a bit! :) I started my internship 9 weeks back and I am inching towards the last week of my internship. It has been an interesting experience in this MNC, and I have learnt quite a lot. I do not regret giving up the other internship opportunity as I felt that this internship given me chances to try things I have never tried before, such as creating infographics and doing a presentation in front of fellow colleagues. At the same time, my colleagues are also very friendly. Since I would not ever be in this industry (Because I am not qualified), it has been a really good experience for me. :)

That being said, it is time to worry about farewell gifts for the colleagues! After thinking for a very long time, I decided to crochet some amigurumi for my colleagues. Since I have not made it known that I can do that, I figured it would be a nice surprise for my colleagues. At the same time, I can practise my crocheting skills. It has been a while since I crocheted, so I really really enjoyed it! :)
It is my last weekend, but I have not finished crocheting. I have been doing it on and off for the past week and a half and I still have some to go before I have something for everyone. Making stuff is one thing, but deciding what to give who is another thing. :/

So let me share what I have been making :D

First up, is this very adorable pacman ghost! This is the tutorial that I used to make the ghost. It was very fun to make. Thank you for sharing the tutorial, Ms premise conclusion!

Here's my pacman ghost. It does not quite look like a ghost with such cute eyes, but it's okay. I am thinking if I should embellish it with something. Hmmm.

Then, I found this tutorial for making a lemon. This one is for my fellow intern, who followed the other colleagues in putting lemon slices into the water then asked me if she can drink milk. She is so funny. Hahaha. When I told her the lemon water will react with the milk to become curd, she did not drink the milk. Hahaha. The only think about the tutorial is that I was not able to gauge where to put the eyes, so my lemon's eye came out a little too much to the left side. But I think it is still cute nevertheless.

Here's the lemon!

I found another tutorial which I could not resist. A tutorial on making a sperm whale! It is super adorable and the tutorial can be found here!

And here's my whale friend :)

Isn't this super adorable? I had so much fun making it! I was thinking of adding a suction it so that my colleague (who has a young child) can stick it on the car window. But I am still thinking about it. :)

Okay, so this is my super quick update on the stuff I have been doing lately. When I finish everything, I will post a picture with all the things I have made. I am going to be so busy hooking this weekend. :D

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