May 02, 2015

Birth of a baby, a cause of economic celebration?!

I was studying for my exams, when I decided to take a break and take a look at the news. then I saw this piece of news which gave me something to think about.

Experts say the royal birth could inject tens of millions of pounds into the British economy, with a baby princess particularly lucrative because she could become a fashion trendsetter.(Strait Times, 2015

The news article was about the birth of a new princess in UK, which I am quite happy about! I am already curious to see who the baby looks like! After talking about how the world is so excited for the birth of the new baby, they insert that line. 👆👆👆

Like what!!! You are objectifying a baby even before it is born as a potential trendsetter and profit maker for the economy. That is rather sad. This makes me wonder about the "experts". They must be economists. -___-||| I remember reading an article about Prince George's trip to Australia. The article, although it described his dressing, mostly talked about the boy's antics and tantrums during the trip, how his character was like and his interaction with his parents. I really hope that when the baby girl is shown to the media, the media would not start talking about her eyes, facial features and what she wore. I am sure there are other things to talk about.

Okay, that was all I wanted to say. Now I have to go back to work. >.< I cannot wait for school to end. Why does this semester feels so dreadful.

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