February 21, 2013

Hectic, food, blood and omg, cuteness!

Life has been HECTIC. Assignment, presentations and everything else rained down on me. Boo-hoo! I really hope that I have the strength to hold on till the end. EXCHANGE PROGRAMMMEEEE! I MUST. Cannot keep my eyes off my goal.

Okay. Other than that, CNY came and went. It was really great to catch up with my classmates from Junior College. Super grateful to my class rep's mom for organising everything and him for inviting us:)

I really miss my JC class mates ^^ I remember all the funky things we did. Till now, I cannot get over how Josephine holds her breakfast when she eats them. HAHA. When I first got my phone, the first thing they did was to take pictures. HEHE.

LOOK! So adorable, I tell you! Love them to bits! By the way, that is my favourite expression. That's why they did it. This was during the 'study for ''A'' levels' period. I cannot believe I miss it a bit. Just the lunch part. Maybe. It was traumatic. I need time to recover. HAHA. 

AMBUSH! I love the sausages! Nomnomnom. I miss Germany. I miss their REAL sausages. This was with Fion at Junction 8! I remember we did not want to eat with our tutor, so we said we needed to go home when we went to J8 to eat. HAHA. *secret* I hope the tutor never sees this. Cheese bratwurst was goooood. Miss currywurst and bratwurst. D: 

Random picture of the hotel in Bangkok! The sweet housekeeping person(I bet it was a lady) arranges my travel buddies like this! SO CUTE!

Finally ate at Food for Thought was Lynette! She ordered white wine with iced tea and I ordered red wine with iced tea. Tasted like red wine with iced tea. HAHA. Right picture is after you have mixed the drink. Looks like Ribena, but it taste better!(In my opinion)

Very interesting book I read about the Chinese culture! Best thing: This was written by non-Chinese. As a Chinese, I can see where they are coming from. Emic vs Etic (Sociology/Anthropology)

Saw this in the library and I mentally went OMG! I think I will borrow it to read......one day. When I have finished my actual readings and have nothing to do. HAHA.

Ate Hall 14's Western food! Sausages! Lamb, cheese and breakfast, if I did not remember wrongly. Not bad! But Ambush's is nicer! Okay. This is only $5.50. Cheap already la!

I donated blood yesterday, the first time after three years. After the terrible incident. I am really glad I did it. I do not know, but I always feel like in order to prove to myself that I can do it, I will swallow my fears and get it over and done with. Same as the first time I donated, Yi Ting went with me but she did not pass the iron count test. I was really anxious! I had no idea what to expect. But after that, I was glad I did it. I felt like I did a little for the society. Maybe it is like we learnt in Soci, it is the need to belong somewhere, to a community, so you do something that you think makes you belong. I call it social responsibility. I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse. I cannot do big things like an operation or injection. But. I know in my heart that I may have done something that saved someone's life and like a medical personnel, I was somewhat involved. I am happy.

It did not hurt when I donated blood yesterday, but I have to say I got a bit worried when I saw the needle. HAHA. (I am looking at the wound now, by the way) Two person donated, five people enjoyed the refreshments. Hey hey, it was a buy two get three free deal okay! Haha. I am glad I overcame the mini phobia I had for blood donation. Will I do it again? Yes. Definitely. I have a picture of my blood bag, but I doubt it is good to post it online. What a little girl saw the picture? Oh dear. I can show you if you want to see it. I find it amusing that my blood was warm, by the way. I mean, like, when she put the tube across your wrist, it was WARM. Cool huh. Haha.

I have to admit that I tend to advocate and encourage people to donate blood. It is an experience. I tried convincing some Soci people to do it. Did not really work. Hmmm. Even free Milo did not entice them. Haha.

Okay, I will update again when I am free. Ciao!



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